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I have fond memories of the school.  I spent 8 years running around those halls.  Early on, the "rest rooms" were outside in a separate frame was the lunch room.  Parents prepared the lunches... we sat at long picnic like tables.  Typical menu - spaghetti, applesauce, cookie, etc. 


Of course, no air conditioning...but then most of us had none at home either.  There was no gymnasium...We had health classes...and when the weather was good, we would go outside, usually on that front field on Fee Fee...down all those steps on the terrace...and played softball...or did exercises...or played volley ball.  There were no school buses...everyone walked, weather or not.  No such thing as back-packs.  We had notebooks and books and we carried them.  Typical courses - typing, shorthand, Latin, algebra, history, English, biology.  Annual picnics were held at Forest Park longer in existence...We were transported by big green double-deck buses. 


Major transportation other than one family car...was Creve Coeur Street Car Line...went from Creve Coeur Lake to Delmar Loop and back...  We would take the Street Car to Overland to do some shopping or go to the movie.  Transferring at the Loop to a Delmar Car would take us to Forest Park. We really didn't have a park then in Maryland Heights.  So, we would go to Forest Park or Heman Park in University City...closest public swimming pool.  The Delmar Car would also take you "downtown".


There were no supermarkets...just little Mom & Pop grocery Wipkes and Null's.


We hung out at Sullivan's...down the street from school...a sort of a juke box deli type place.  You could get a milk shake and listen to the juke hear Peg O my Heart,

I'm a Little on the Lonely Side, Buttermilk Skies, Paper Doll, Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree, Candy, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey,etc. I could go on and on.


In the summer...On Thursday nights, the school would set up a big screen on the front yard close to the building... folding chairs, and show movies...usually westerns, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger... That was a big date night for the teenagers.  Of course, there was no TV then...just The Lone Ranger was pretty exciting stuff.


The classes were small...all elementary through high school in same building.  My class was about 25. 


Does any of this sound familiar to you?


Anonymous 1948 Graduate