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1.  How do I get on the group email program?
We don't have one. Try using Facebook to meet classmates.

2. Where did you get that old map of "Vicinity of St. Louis, 1883?" It was contributed to another web site by Terry Harmon, Granite City, IL. I hope he does not mind if we use it also.

3. Where did you find the bricks from the school? If you were fortunate enough to be there when they tore it down, bricks would be easy to find. The bricks were used to fill in the hole created by the steps on the rear side of the school that went to a storage room.  The bricks may still be accessible.

4.  What do you know about Barth's Estate? Loretta has provided the only information we know so far.        Click here

5. We see people have loaned yearbooks. For what? The yearbooks have been scanned and put on this website for download. We presently have 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61 and 62. The quality is identical to the original except we have edited out any imperfections or blemishes. For instance, if the yearbook cover has a scratch on it we edit it out.  We are seeking yearbooks before 1954 if they exist. Click on the Year Book link.

6. Can you tell more about the well kept old house on the pictures page?  The house at 212 Shumate in Maryland Heights according to the city hall is the oldest house left standing in Maryland Hedights. It is about 200 ft from where the school use to be, almost across the street from the old Legion Hall. The house was built in 1904 the same year the Worlds Fair was held in St. Louis, Missouri. The house is now owned by Ron Brown (Class of 1960) and Jeanette (Hammock) Brown (Class of 1962).

7. Newer residents want to know where the old school was located? Go to the intersection of Dorset Road and Fee Fee. Go west one block and make a right on Shumate. Take Shumate north to the end where it makes a left hand turn. The area north of the intersection of Shumate and Harding is where the school was located. The picture on our home page was taken from the intersection of Shumate and Harding. The lower left picture on our pictures page shows the gym and the school next to each other. The Gym is still there. Pattonville Heights Middle School is just to the north.

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