The Group Email program


MHHS has a group email program. It has absolutely no SPAM and it is totally free.    


Group email is easy to use but getting signed up can be tedious because of the need for security. You can use your email program for correspondence with classmates or you can use the Internet web site for communications.


   Remember, we can sign you up on this end if you are uncomfortable with computers. Just send a message to us by using the General Inquiry form on the Inquiries page. The following information will still be helpful to you.


Membership commands are:

       Once you have joined you send email to the group at: 

When one person sends an email message to the group, it goes to everyone who has subscribed.  Each person receiving the message can reply to the group.  Each message lists who sent it, the date and the subject.  You can easily screen the messages. 


Sign Up
¨ The sign up procedure is tricky and only for the reason of security.
¨ After you send an email to you will get an email from Yahoo so your email address can be confirmed. You will receive a Yahoo web site address to go to so you can enter a name and password for your own security. You may also have to read a graphical number and enter the number in a box. The purpose of this procedure is to keep computer generated programs from trying to break into the system.
¨ You MUST use the same email address at all times to access MHHSchool on Yahoo. If you send a message from another email address it will not work.
¨ You must remember your Yahoo name and password or you will not be able to view the MHHSchool Yahoo web site.

¨ Use the Inquires page to let us know about problems you have signing up.

In General
The MHHSchool group email program provides an effective means of communications for the general membership. It is the perfect way to find out about fellow classmates and accumulate the history of our past. It provides a quick way to ask questions and get answers quickly without being intrusive. Everyone sees all the questions and all the answers. Discussion threads can be educational and fun.  
¨ Group email allows each individual to go into greater detail and to have more time for research.  Naturally, you can read faster than you can listen so absorbing club information at your convenience is as good as it gets.  

Advantages for people on-line
You do not have to know the phone number of all members and you do not need to know which member knows specific information and when they are available to provide it.
¨ Events and meeting locations can be conveniently posted.
¨ A new member can ask questions and all members will have the option to offer assistance.
¨ Statistical data can be accumulated for member preferences.
¨ No one can interrupt you while you are talking.
¨ You can do all your communications on the MHHSchool web site rather than using email. The address is if you have already signed up.

Old Messages 
You can review old messages and catch up with the rest of us by using your web browser to read old messages at after you have joined.  You can do all of your communications here and turn off email.


Existing Setup 
 The advertising associated with the free service is minimal and non intrusive.
¨ Anyone may join the group
¨ Anyone can post a message to the group
¨ Messages are distributed directly to the group
¨ The messages can be read on the web by anyone
¨ MHHSchool is not listed in the YahooGroups online web page directory
¨ By default, “reply to messages” are sent to the entire group including the sender. 
¨ Your email program probably has message rules that will allow transfer of email from the MHHSchool group email server to a specific folder of your choice. This will prevent mixing of MHHSchool email with other personal or business email.
¨ For technical information regarding this web site or group email use the form on our Inquiries page.