Water Decrescendo    

Water Decrescendo consists of water and a decrescendo effect with thunder, rain and water flow. It starts off peaceful and within 2 minutes the thunder is maximum. After the thunder peak is rain that peaks 2 minutes later. Then the water flow peaks 2 minutes after the rain. A natural progression is followed by a gradual decrease to the 15 minute point where the recording stabilizes with a mixture of light water flow. Then we have a gradual blending of multiple scenes that are common to lakes, ponds, creeks, etc. The variety of  little critters in those areas will peacefully sing their hearts out for you. Most sound cuts were obtained throughout the Central United States in low lying areas.  Note, there   are no ocean sounds in this album.

Water Decrescendo has a few frogs in the recording. If you have camped near a pond then you probably know what frogs sound like and find them natural. For someone who has not heard a frog you may be surprised during the first playback.