These bylaws still need a little refinement but they depict the essentials needed at the ground level of a community organization where people actually get involved.

Go5 Bylaws


                 Article I:   Name

                Article II:   Purpose

               Article III:   Objectives

              Article IV:   Composition of the Association

               Article V:   Definitions

              Article VI:   Structure and Rules

             Article VII:   Leadership Responsibilities

            Article VIII:   General Monthly Meeting

               Article IX:   Leader Meetings and Communications

                Article X:   Annual General Meeting and Election Process

               Article XI:   Financial Policies

              Article XII:   Prohibitions

             Article XIII:   Bylaws Adoption

            Article XIV:   Amendments

             Article XV:   Parent Organizations

            Article XVI:   Notes

           Article XVII:   History of These Bylaws

Article I: Name

Section 1

The name of the parent organization shall be Go5, a non-profit organization, referred to throughout these bylaws as Go5 or Go5.COM. The local neighborhood organization shall be further identified by zip code. The local organization name will be Go5.COM/#####. The ##### represents the 5 digit postal zip code.

Section 2

Any other organization in any other zip code shall use their zip code respectively.

Section 3

If any group is too large and needs sub groups they shall affix a suffix on the end of their zip code such as Go5.COM/#####southwest or Go5.COM/#####north. Beyond the naming of Go5.COM/##### the rules are not rigid but they are subject to approval by the parent organization.

Section 4

These Bylaws will apply to each subgroup comprising one distinct area. Any area that is not defined by one contiguous boundary must be approved by the national organization.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of Go5.COM/##### is:

1.       To promote harmonious, interactive communications with the citizens of Go5.COM/#####.

2.       Teach people the art of communications in small groups.

3.       Allow people to experience the concept of cross cultural ethics on a social level.

4.       Allow people to experience the diversification of the neighborhood in a constructive way.

5.       To seek to improve the quality of life in the Go5.COM/##### neighborhood in matters such as protection of children, vandalism, land use, environmental protection, public services, consumer protection, and other matters of neighborhood concern.

6.       To foster a close, genuine community of neighbors.

7.       To provide a forum through meetings of Go5.COM/##### and its committees, as well as via its electronic forums, for pursuing a variety of goals beneficial to the neighborhood.

Article III: Objectives

The objectives of the Association are to:

1.       Provide a setting where the citizens of Go5.COM/##### can participate in interactive communications that deal with issues of concern.

2.       Keep residents and property owners informed of issues vital to the neighborhood by appropriate communications and meetings.

3.       Preserve the integrity of the residential character of the neighborhood and defend the fragile perimeter, with attention to compatibility with adjoining commercial zone uses.

4.       Observe and work on land utilization and zoning issues that affect properties within the boundaries of the neighborhood and its adjoining areas. The City Land Development Code will serve as a tool to assist in this process.

5.       Investigate and make recommendations to Go5.COM/##### on matters of neighborhood concern through the Officerís on-going roles and special committees.

6.       Help educate residents and property owners regarding options related to issues of home ownership, zoning, and rights.

7.       Facilitate the education of residents and property owners regarding the natural environmental features of the Go5.COM/#####.

8.       Develop and preserve natural green spaces, parks, trees, and landscaping in the Go5.COM/##### area, including general land use management.

9.       Establish mutual protection and safety for residences and businesses.

10.   Improve safety of the streets through better traffic and parking control.

11.   Make information available to residents and property owners by means of the annual meeting, regular meetings, special meetings, paper newsletters, the website, and the neighborhood's electronic mailing list.

12.   Provide group communication feedback comparisons from one group to another via the ABCXZYZLIFE.COM web site.

13.   Seek and discuss issues related to higher levels of government when we are represented by an elected government official responsible for analysis and implementation of the subject matter.

Article IV: Composition of the Association

Section 1

Composition of Go5.COM/#####:

1.       The pool of eligible Go5.COM/##### members includes all residents and real property owners within the boundaries of the Go5.COM/##### zip code.

2.       Residents become Go5.COM/##### members through participation and paying dues. Membership will become effective at the next meeting after residency has been established.

3.       Members agree to abide by the bylaws of Go5.COM/#####.

Section 2

Refer to Go5 Parental Organization Bylaws for:

1.       Parent control of more than one group in a zip code. 

2.       Integration and control of more than one zip code.

3.       Computer aided software coordination of all groups and issue discussion results.

Article V: Definitions

Definition of Terms used in these Bylaws
Group Email Moderator

The Group Email Moderator is the Electronic Email Director or an appointed assistant. The Group Email Moderator will monitor all group email and control the membership of those programs. The Group Email Moderator is in charge of all settings of the electronic communication programs.  The Group Email Moderator may also control the Administrative group email program if designated by the At-Large Steering Committee.

Group Discussion Moderators

A moderator is part of a group of 5 people. The Moderator moderates the group during the general meeting program. The Moderator keeps the discussion focused on the predetermined issue and program outline. The Moderator is not allowed to voice a personal opinion. The Moderator is not an official leader. Advanced groups may omit the Discussion Moderator.

Government Leaders

1.       Local Police Officer is the official police officer who is legally assigned to the area where the Go5.COM/##### neighborhood association members live or own property.

2.       The local police officer is the only government official who is part of the Go5.COM/##### At-Large Steering Committee

3.       The local police officer has jurisdiction that exceeds the scope of Go5.COM/##### in all areas under the police officerís command.

4.       Elected or Appointed Government Officials have control in all areas under their command.  

5.       Government Leaders, with the exception of Police Officers, are not Officers of the Go5.COM/##### organization.

6.       Go5.COM/##### will always yield to the authority of any government official.

Interim Officer

Any officer by means of self appointment or in any officer position held before the official bylaws have been established and officers have been voted into position by the general membership. This would normally occur in the early development stage of each local group.


The term Leaders will be used to represent the At-Large Steering Committee, the Communications Directors and the Coordinators as one group.


Officers are the At-Large Steering Committee and the Directors.


There should 5 to 8 people (leaders) in each segment of the Go5.COM/##### neighborhood association. The Segments are:

1.       At-Large Steering Committee.

2.       Directors.

3.       Coordinators

Article VI: Structure and Rules

Section 1

Leadership Division

1.       There are 3 segments of the local Go5 neighborhood association leadership.

a.       At-Large Steering Committee

b.      Directors

c.       Coordinators

2.       There are generally 6 to 8 members in each segment

Section 2                               

Leader Categories Defined.

1.       Leader positions are described in Article VII.

2.       The At-Large Steering Committee is the dominant ruling group in Go5.COM/##### and the members are referred to as Officers.

3.       Only the At-Large Steering Committee Officers have administrative voting rights.

4.       There shall be up to 7 members in the At-Large Steering Committee.

5.       The Directors are the second tier of the command structure of the local Go5.COM/#####.  They are indentified as Officers. They will yield to the command of the At-Large Steering Committee. They have general membership voting rights.

6.       The affairs and activities of Go5.COM/##### shall be administered by the Officers.

7.       The Go5.COM/##### officers shall coordinate relevant activities with the local police or the appropriate government representative.

8.       The Coordinators are appointed positions that deal exclusively with responsibilities that are technical in nature or of a high degree of focus in their specific area of assignment. They have general membership voting rights. Coordinators work under the direction of the Directors.

9.       Administrative decisions on organization structure and operation changes must be documented and made available for public review on the Go5.COM/##### Internet site.

10.   All At-Large Steering Committee decisions must be put to a vote by the general membership if one member makes the request and another 2nds the motion.

Section 3


1.       All At-Large Steering Committee members shall be elected during the annual meeting as described in Article VIII and shall serve for one-year terms or until their successors are duly elected and installed.  The exception here would be the local police officer.

2.       It is recommended as a general rule that an individual serve only a one year term. Two year terms are highly discouraged as the positions are there for the learning experience. Different offices are recommended for consecutive Steering Committee involvement. Positions such as the Web Master or an important public liaison may benefit from consecutive terms.

3.       Household partners may occupy one office and serve as a team; however, they will constitute only one At-Large Steering Committee vote.

4.       The office of any At-Large Steering Committee member who fails to fulfill the responsibilities listed for their position without show of reasonable cause shall be declared vacant by the At-Large Steering Committee.

5.       If any office on the At-Large Steering Committee becomes vacant between elections, the At-Large Steering Committee shall appoint an Go5.COM/##### member to assume the responsibilities of that office for the remainder of the term.

6.       A majority of the members of the At-Large Steering Committee shall constitute a quorum at all Go5.COM/##### meetings.

7.       All At-Large Steering Committee members are indemnified by Go5.COM/##### against any and all claims and liabilities that a member may incur related to serving or having served in this capacity provided such claims or liabilities do not arise out of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

8.       All At-Large Steering Committee members are responsible for maintaining records related to decisions rendered in relationship to the roles they serve. These records should be passed along to the next person in this role when a new At-Large Steering Committee comes into effect and should be retained in perpetuity.

9.       The local police department should appoint one officer who also has full voting rights and will be our local representative. The length of membership will be determined by the local police department. The officer will be our primary liaison in all relevant legal issues with the local community.

Section 4

Government Personnel

1.       Local elected officials or officials appointed by an elected official other than the local police officer will not be considered general members of the At-Large Steering Committee. They will hold higher authority and control over all issues that fall under their legal responsibilities. Our At-Large Steering Committee will work under the leadership of these officials when it is legally appropriate. This will give Go5.COM/##### the ability to operate within the law and also an appropriate path to voice our opinions.

2.       The local police officer will have voting rights on the At-Large Steering Committee and can override decisions pertaining to the officersí jurisdiction in areas pertaining to legal neighborhood control.

Section 5

Leader Meeting Schedule

1.       At-Large Steering Committee members meet any day during the week following the 4th Monday of the month.

2.       Directors meet any day during the week following the 1st Monday of the month.

3.       Coordinators meet any day during the week following the 2nd Monday of the month.

4.       The actual day chosen should be close to the same for each group so there are about 7 days for each group to complete their tasks.

5.       The general meeting is actually planned one month in advance so the President can announce at each general meeting what the next general meeting topic, subject or issue will be.

6.       The General Meeting is held during the week following the 3rd Monday of the month.

Article VII: Leadership Responsibilities

Section 1

Leadership Positions:

At-Large Steering Committee

1.       President

2.       Past President

3.       Vice President and Community Relations Director

4.       Secretary

5.       Discussion Issue Director

6.       Education Director

7.       Local Police Officer



1.       Communication Director

2.       City Neighborhood Council Delegate

3.       Neighborhood Events Director

4.       Newsletter Director

5.       Electronic Email Director

6.       Neighborhood Features, Zoning and History Director



1.       Meeting Coordinator

2.       Timer Coordinator

3.       Newsletter Distribution Coordinator

4.       Web Master

5.       Traffic and Parking Coordinator

6.       Crime Review Coordinator

7.       Treasurer Responsibilities

Section 3

At-Large Steering Committee Members

1.       The At-Large Steering Committee is comprised of Go5 members who are the governing body of Go5 and represent the whole membership or body of the organization.

2.       All At-Large Steering Committee members are elected by the general membership except for the local Police Officer.

3.       Elected government officials shall preside over any issue that falls outside of the immediate neighborhood associationís jurisdiction and deals with issues on a higher political level. All officers of Go5.COM/##### shall yield to the rule of elected officials within the elected officialís realm of jurisdiction.

4.       The At-Large Steering Committee shall attend all administrative, general and special meetings of Go5.COM/#####.

5.       The At-Large Steering Committee shall notify the Go5.COM/##### President if any officer is missing.

6.       At-Large Steering Committee will appoint the Directors.

7.       At-Large Steering Committee officers are the only members with administrative votes.

8.       There should always be 7 officers with administrative voting rights.

Sub-Section 3-1

President Responsibilities

1.       Serve as a leader of the Go5 Association.

2.       Preside over all official meetings.

3.       Work in close harmony with the Timer Director.

4.       Preside at all meetings of the Go5.COM/##### At-Large Steering Committee.

5.       Direct and administer the affairs of Go5.COM/##### as an executive head, subject to the directions of the At-Large Committee members, the vote of the general membership, the local Police Officer and the government authorities.

6.       Establish and approve all meetings of Go5.COM/#####.

7.       Contact Leaders who have missed two or more consecutive meetings to determine if that individual is still able to serve.

8.       Serve as the primary authority for communications on behalf of Go5.COM/#####.

9.       Serve as the primary contact with Go5 parent organizations.

10.   The Presidentís authority will be subject to the limitations and directions of the local police officer or the highest ranking political officer who is responsible for the General Meetingís subject matter.

Sub-Section 3-2

Past President Responsibilities

1.       The Past President will serve in an advisory position to the At-Large Steering Committee and shall have one administrative vote.

Sub-Section 3-3

Vice President and Community Relations Director Responsibilities

1.       The Vice President will also serve as the Community Relations Director.

2.       The Vice President will work closely with the President and assume any of the Presidentís activities that the President delegates to the Vice-President.

3.       The Vice President will assume the responsibilities of the Presidency if the President is not in attendance.

4.       The Vice President will encourage individuals to volunteer as block captains for communication with residents and property owners in smaller areas of Go5.COM/#####.

5.       The Vice President will seek input from residents on program needs, as well as member skills and talents.

6.       The Vice President will encourage local participation in activities such as Neighborhood Watch, National Night Out, and the City Police Department Commander's Forum.

7.       The Vice President will coordinate efforts to welcome new residents and property owners to the neighborhood.

8.       The Vice President may appoint assistants as needed.

Sub-Section 3-4

Secretary Responsibilities

1.       The Secretary will work with the Issue Director on issue design and compilation.

2.       The Secretary is the Moderator for the discussion group Moderators.

3.       The Secretary will record the findings of each Discussion Moderator in order to compile a synopsis of any issue discussion.

a.       The Secretaryís issue compilation should be coordinated with at least one other At-Large Steering Committee officer for presentation to the Communication Director for publication.

b.      Any tabulated results created from multiple choice questionnaires will be compiled and uploaded to the Internet via the Communication Director.

c.       All other At-Large Steering Committee members have the authority to review any information prior to publication.

4.       The Secretary will take notes during Go5.COM/##### meetings.

5.       The Secretary will list Officer's attendance and accomplishments as part of the meeting minutes.

6.       The Secretary will ensure that the minutes of regular meetings and the annual meeting are published on the Go5.COM/##### website.

7.       As appropriate, the Secretary will post notes to the Go5.COM/##### mailing list, submit information for posting on the Go5.COM/##### website, and provide information for the Go5.COM/##### newsletter.

8.       The Secretary will approve all derived information from the Secretary Director to the web site. See the responsibilities of the Moderator Secretary Director.

9.       The Secretary may appoint an assistant as deemed necessary for secretarial functions.

10.   The Secretary is the only position in the Go5.COM/#### organization that may receive financial compensation for work performed.

11.   In the event the Secretary receives financial compensation the Secretary would still be an At-Large Steering Committee member but would only have general membership voting rights.

Sub-Section 3-5

Discussion Issue Director Responsibilities

1.       Work with the Officers and the appropriate government officials to compile the monthly discussion issue.

2.       Provide study and reading material to complement each discussion issue.

3.       Design a list of questions for the discussion groups.

4.       A formal multiple choice answer form may also be designed to complement the issue being discussed and the answers will be published on the Internet using any software designed for that purpose.

5.       The Issue Director will work with the Secretary to design any guidelines for the Electronic Communication Director to follow in recording the results of each issue discussion.

6.       For issues of higher political relevance, the Meeting Discussion Issue Director will work with the elected government officials to design, implement and decipher all relevant information.

7.       For issues of higher political or governmental concern the Meeting Discussion Issue Director will coordinate between the Go5.COM/##### Officers and the official government representative.


Sub-Section 3-6

Education Director Responsibilities

1.       The Education Director shall be in charge of the development and implementation of educational material for the art of communications in small groups.

2.       This may include special study materials for the development of communication skills in group settings.

3.       The Education Director is encouraged to hold special training classes where the art of group communications can be developed.

4.       All other Officers in ABCXZYZLIFE will adapt their area of control to incorporate educational needs.

5.       The art of communications deals with the harmonious interactive communication skills in small groups and does not deal with knowledge of the issues discussed. However, personal study of current issues will be encouraged.


Sub-Section 3-7

Local Police Officer

1.       The local Police Officer is appointed by the local police department.

2.       The Police Officer will be our primary liaison with the government of the United States.

3.       The Police Officer will be the highest ruling authority at any meeting of Go5. The only exception will be where Go5 has a guest government official directing our issue discussion and this government official has higher jurisdiction than the Police Officer in a given area of the law.

Section 4


1.       The Directors have authority over their specific area of jurisdiction.

2.       The Directors are encouraged to meet as a group to discuss communication issues.

3.       The Directors will use the Electronic Communication Director as their main liaison with the At-Large Steering Committee.

Sub-Section 4-1

Communication Director Responsibilities

1.       Primary liaison to the At-Large Steering Committee members.

2.       Manage communications to the Coordinators.

3.       Oversee the overall design, creation, and maintenance of the Go5.COM/##### website.

4.       Update the Go5.COM/##### website as directed by the Directors.

5.       Set up and manage the electronic mailing lists and discussion boards.

6.       Monitor all communications in

7.       Oversee the overall design, creation, and maintenance of Go5/##### group email discussion groups.

8.       Update the Go5.COM/##### public information as directed by the At-Large Steering Committee.

9.       Assume administrative voting rights if the Secretary is a paid position.

10.   Attend administrative meetings if the Secretary is a paid position.

11.   The Communication Director may monitor administrative meetings even if the Secretary maintains administrative voting rights.

12.   The Communications Director may use any other Leader of Go5.COM/##### for monitoring group email communications.

13.   The Communication Director is directly in charge of all Coordinators and may delegate authority to them as needed.

Sub-Section 4-2

City Neighborhood Council Delegate Responsibilities:

1.       Attend all meetings of the Austin Neighborhoods Council or, if unable to attend, arrange for an alternate.

2.       Serve as liaison between Go5.COM/##### and the City Neighborhood Councils.

3.       Work with the Officers to determine Go5.COM/#####'s stance on various resolutions and other issues.

Sub-Section 4-3

Neighborhood Events Director Responsibilities:

1.       Maintain a regulated notification system for political and religious activity that is listed on the Go5.COM/##### web site.

2.       Present Go5 as a non-profit operation.

3.       Abide by the following rules.

a.       No money of any kind can be directly received by Go5.COM/##### for publishing of other organizationís information.

b.      All listed political events must offer the same information for all relevant political parties.

c.       Any event type listed for any religious organization will be listed for all who provide such information. Beyond a weekly time schedule and location, each religious organization is allowed the listing of 3 yearly events.

d.      The Internet site will allow one Internet link to each religious and political organization.

4.       Ensure committees are in place to plan and carry out special events, such as the 4th of July Parade and Carnival, the End of Summer Celebration, and Winter Holiday Celebrations, etc.

Sub-Section 4-4

Newsletter Director

1.       Coordinate production of the Go5.COM/##### paper newsletter.

2.       Solicit and produce content for the newsletter as requested by the Officers.

3.       Obtain a sufficient number of newsletter copies for distribution.

4.       Consider a yearly publication to all residents in the area.

5.       Submit a final copy to the Communication Director for proof reading.

6.       Submit an electronic version to the Web Master to be posted on the Go5.COM/##### website. This would be sent via the Communication Director unless the Communication Director authorizes direct transfer to the Web Master.

Sub-Section 4-5

Electronic Email Moderator

1.       Monitor all email on both the Legal Group Email Forum and the General Chat Group Email Forum.

2.       Remove any member from electronic communications who violates the Go5.COM/##### rules of conduct.

3.       The Email Moderator will have the authority to put the Legal communication forum on an approved basis only where all emails are monitored before being distributed to the membership.

4.       General chat is forbidden on the Official Group Email forum.

5.       Community chat is transferred in real time on the General Chat Forum. All community issues are relevant. Higher level issues will only be tolerated to some extent if it is part of the Monthly General Meeting program.

6.       The Electronic Email Moderator has immediate power to enact the decisions of the Go5.COM/##### Officers.

7.       The Electronic Email Moderator may review the messages of any new member before upload to the main message board until the member has proven approved communication behavior. At any time, the Electronic Email Moderator may place anyone on message review prior to message upload.

8.       Any active member may challenge or appeal the rule of the Email Moderator by writing directly to the Go5.COM/##### Communication Director.

Sub-Section 4-6

Neighborhood Features, Zoning and History Director

1.       Drive efforts for improvements to neighborhood parks and green spaces.

2.       Work with Austin Parks and Recreation to resolve scheduling issues for public meeting in recreational areas.

3.       Coordinate efforts to protect and preserve natural and historical features of the Go5.COM/##### neighborhood.

4.       Coordinate and appoint others as necessary to track zoning requests for changes presented to the City Council, City Boards, Advisory Groups, and other governmental entities that affect Go5.COM/##### citizens and surrounding areas.

5.       Keep the Go5.COM/##### Officers and community informed.

6.       Advocate the Go5.COM/#####'s position under the direction of the At-Large Steering Committee.

Section 5: Coordinators

Coordinator Responsibilities

1.       Coordinators are assigned positions that have a high degree of responsibility and focus in their specific specialty. Therefore they do not steer the organization beyond the scope of their assigned responsibilities.  

2.       They each have one vote as a general member.

Sub-Section 5-1

Meeting Coordinator Responsibilities

1.       Assist the Issue Director in setting up and controlling the environment for each public meeting.

2.       Serve as Coordinator liaison to the Steering Committee.

Sub-Section 5-2

Timer Coordinator Responsibilities

1.       The Timer Director shall abide by the established meeting format and all phases of the meeting will be precisely timed.

2.       The Timer Director will have audible and visual timers to use in signaling the end of a phase of the meeting.  These phases will include speeches and group activities.

3.       The activities of the Timer Director can only be overridden by the Go5.COM/##### Officer in charge of the meeting.

Sub-Section 5-3

Newsletter Distribution Coordinator Responsibilities

1.       Coordinate the process of distributing the yearly Go5.COM/##### newsletter throughout the Go5.COM/##### neighborhood.

2.       Coordinate any other hard copy information to be delivered to the neighborhood for advertisement purposes.

3.       Maintain a list of members who do not have Internet access.

4.       Maintain some degree of communication ability for those who do not read English.

Sub-Section 5-4

Web Master Responsibilities

1.       The Web Master will coordinate with all members responsible for the web site content. The Web Master will establish a time period and the format for delivery of information.

2.       The Web Master will work under the direction of the Go5.COM/##### Communication Director.

Sub-Section 5-5

Traffic and Parking Coordinator Responsibilities

1.       Determine parking requirements in advance

2.       Coordinate parking requirements with Go5.COM/##### Officers and appropriate city officials

3.       Choose assistance for any parking activity

4.       Direct cars as permitted by local authorities.

Sub-Section 5-6

Crime Review Coordinator Responsibilities

1.       Crime Review Coordinator will monitor and report crime statistics.

2.       The statistics will include the immediate neighborhood and any relevant areas related to the immediate neighborhood.

3.       Crime reports will be checked weekly where possible.

4.       Weekly entries shall be posted to the Official Group email program and to the Web Master via the Communication Director. Web site links may suffice for tabular, graphical and spreadsheet reports on government web sites.

5.       Monthly reports shall be sent to the Newsletter Director via the Communication Director

6.       The Crime Review Director will be a primary liaison with the local police for relevant information to the local Go5 group.

7.       A synopsis of data variances should be made for any area of concern.

8.       The Crime Review Coordinator supplies all relevant information to the appropriate people via the Communication Director.

9.       The Communication Director may permit direct submission of information to other Officers and Coordinators as long as a duplicate copy is sent to the Communication Director.

Section 5-7

Treasurer Responsibilities

1.       The Treasurer performs the financial duties usually belonging to the office.

2.       The Treasurer will keep records of membership.

3.       The Treasurer will receive and have custody of all monies of Go5.COM/##### and depositing all funds in a manner agreed upon by the At-Large Steering Committee.

4.       The Treasurer makes disbursements for all Go5.COM/##### activities.

5.       The Treasurer presents financial reports to the all Officers at least quarterly.

Article VIII: General Monthly Meeting

Section 1

Meeting Rules

1.       Regular Monthly Meetings shall be held by all members on a day during the week starting with the 3rd Monday of the month. Any other meeting time must be approved by the parent organization.

2.       All residents and real property owners are entitled to participate in these meetings.

3.       The general theme of all general meetings is the interactive communications with the membership.

4.       Meeting structure is never about individual speeches.

Section 2

General Meeting Formats

1.       As members arrive, the people working the sign in table will appoint 1 out of 5 people as Discussion Moderators. They will be given a list of questions and moderator tips for promoting group discussions.

2.       An arbitrary General Meeting starting time will be designated as 7:00PM.

3.       At 7:00 PM the President of Go5.COM/##### will open the meeting with a 2 minute speech. Up to 5 minutes is allowed if planned for in advance and approved by the At-Large Steering Committee.


Sub-Section 2-1

Theme One

1.       At 7:02 PM all members gather into circles of 5 to a group. One of the members in the group of 5 will be a Discussion Moderator.

2.       After 30 minutes the groups of 5 will break up and return to one group facing the President. The Discussion Moderators will each have 1 minute to announce the findings of their group of 5 people. The precise time can be calculated by the time remaining and the number of moderators. The Secretary Director will monitor these results for publication to the Go5.COM/##### Internet site.

3.       At 7:55 the President makes final announcements and closes the meeting.

4.       From 8:00 to 8:30 the membership may visit.

5.       At 8:30 the doors close.

Sub-Section 2-2

Theme Two

1.       At 7:02 the guest government official will make a speech and announce the discussion issue.

2.       Six minutes are allowed for this speech. Up to 12 minutes may be allowed if determined in advance.

3.       After the guest speech all members gather into circles of 5 to a group. One of the members in the group of 5 will be a Discussion Moderator.

4.        After 30 minutes all members stop their discussion and face the President.

5.       The President will tell the Discussion Moderators how much time they have to announce the findings of their group of 5 people. The Secretary Director will monitor these results for publication to the Go5.COM/##### Internet site.

6.       If insufficient time is allowed for Discussion Moderator speeches they may publish their findings to the Secretary Director via email.

7.       At 7:55 the President makes final announcements and closes the meeting or the President may give the guest speaker an opportunity to speak 6 minutes into the visiting time period.

Sub-Section 2-3


1.       Any additional time for any speech must be planned for and coordinated in advance.

2.       The meeting during the month of December may be a Christmas party.

3.       The discussion group time period may be adjusted with experience and placed in these bylaws.

Section 3

Timer Rules

1.       Timing rules established for each meeting format must be adhered to rigidly.

2.       The Timer Director will provide audible and visual time alert devices.

3.       The timing rules establish the character of Go5.COM/#####.

Section 4

Discussion Moderator Rules

1.       The Discussion Moderator will control each discussion group of 5 Go5.COM/##### members during a General Meeting issue discussion.

2.       The Discussion Moderator is not a formal Leadership position.

3.       The Discussion Moderator will adhere to the issue outline developed by the Moderator Secretary Director.

4.       The Discussion Moderator is never allowed to voice an opinion regarding the discussion issue.

5.       The Discussion Moderator will prompt equal participation in the discussion

6.       The Discussion Moderator will direct the conversation with questions, encouragement and finesse.

7.       The Discussion Moderators should be experienced with the format of Go5.COM/##### in guiding conversations.  All Go5.COM/##### members should strive to serve in this capacity.

8.       If the General Meeting is designed with no beginning talk and if the general membership does not exceed 50 members it may be possible for each Discussion Moderator to give a 2 minute synopsis of his or her groupís discussion.

9.       If there is not enough time for Discussion Moderator elaboration the findings will be emailed to the Moderator Secretary Director where they will be combined and placed on the Go5.COM/##### Internet site.

10.   In some situations an advanced group of members may omit the Discussion Moderator.

11.   Discussion Moderator is not an official position. Anyone may hold this position in a general meeting. Preference would be given to someone with teaching or leadership experience. New members are advised to become a Discussion Moderator after they are very familiar with the format of Go5.COM/#####.

Section 5

Groups of 5 deaf people may participate in general meetings and discussion issues if they have a translator.


Section 6

The General Meeting Discussion groups may take place in homes where the Discussion Moderator is a highly recognized member of Go5.COM/#####.  The Discussion Moderator will communicate with the General Meeting functions via email.

Section 7

The preferred size of each discussion group is 5 people. If there are an amount of people indivisible by 5 the maximum size of a group is 6 people. If 7 people are present they will be divided up into one group of three and one group of four people. If 6 members are inexperienced communicators it is advised they divide up into two groups of three people each. One member of each group is always the Discussion Moderator with the exception of highly advanced members.

Article IX: Leader Meetings and Communications

Section 1

Sub-Section 1: Segment Meetings

1.       Segment Meetings are meetings of each segment group in Go5.COM/#####.

2.       The 3 segments are At-Large Steering Committee, Directors and the Coordinators.

3.       Each segment will meet independent of the other segments and discuss issues related to their area of responsibility.

4.       The Go5.COM/##### format of small interactive groups will be implemented but the Leaders will allow more than 5 people in a group due to their experience of communications, the diverse subject matter and the need for integration of large amounts of information.

5.       The At-Large Steering Committee will meet first during the monthly program cycle. Then the Directors will meet. The last segment to meet will be the Coordinators. This sequence of meetings will allow for the planning of each monthly General Meeting.

6.       A formal group email program may be established for each Segment to use in planning. The General Memberships is not allowed on these group email forums.

Section 2

Other meetings shall be at the discretion of the At-Large Steering Committee Officers.

Section 3

All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with rules of order as deemed appropriate by the At-Large Steering Committee.

Section 4

Officer business can be conducted at impromptu ad hoc meetings, electronically, or by phone, with major decisions or actions reported at the next regular meeting.

Section 5

Sturgis Rules of Parliamentary Procedures shall be the reference manual for the format of any group discussion dealing with official business for any level of Go5. Anyone may also refer to Roberts Rules of Order but it is not recommended for the general membership.

Article X: Annual General Meeting and Election Process

Section 1

The annual general meeting of Go5.COM/##### is to be held during the period from August through December. At-Large Steering Committee members will be elected at this meeting.

Section 2

All new Leader positions take effect January 1 of each year.

Section 3

Nominating Committee

1.       At least two months prior to the annual general meeting all At-Large Steering Committee Officers shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least three Communication Director Officers.

2.       It is recommended that the Chair of the committee is the Communication Director.

3.       The Nomination Committee should consist of 7 people.

4.       The members of the nomination committee may nominate themselves for any position.

5.       All Go5.COM/##### members may give their name and desired position to the Nomination Committee.

6.       The At-Large Steering Committee Officers are not allowed to participate in the nomination process.

Section 4


All At-Large Steering Committee member positions are open to all Go5.COM/##### members who meet the following qualifications:

1.       18 years of age or older

2.       Demonstrated interest in Go5.COM/##### via earlier involvement in Go5.COM/##### meetings, committees, or neighborhood issues.

3.       The goal is to encourage all neighborhood residents to become involved in the activities of Go5.COM/##### but to also ensure that, if elected, all nominees will participate fully.

Section 5

The annual general meeting shall be announced via the electronic mailing list, and on the Go5.COM/##### website.  A newsletter shall be made available to those without Internet access.

Section 6

At the annual meeting, the Nominating Committee shall present the slate of nominees, who will be elected by majority vote of Go5.COM/##### members in attendance. If the slate is not approved, the old officers will be held over and the process repeated at the next regular meeting.

Article XI: Financial Policies

Section 1

The fiscal year of Go5.COM/##### shall be the calendar year.

Section 2

Guidelines for Go5.COM/##### membership dues:

1.       Annual membership dues are for the purpose of supporting the work of Go5.COM/#####.

2.       Go5.COM/##### membership dues shall be in the amount set by the Officers and approved by the parent organization.

3.       The Treasurer shall collect the dues of Go5.COM/#####.

4.       Membership dues shall be collected annually. All residents and property owners are encouraged to pay their membership dues in support of Go5.COM/#####'s various programs.

5.       Monthly meeting fees may be enacted for the rental of meeting space and cost of materials. This money may not be used for any other purpose.

Section 3

In order to ensure continued operation and to make funds available if and when needed for special purposes to benefit the neighborhood, Go5.COM/##### shall have the goal of maintaining a minimum reserve of money. (Exact minimum to be established by the At-Large Steering Committee)

Section 4

Go5.COM/##### funds raised to promote a particular purpose may be used only for that purpose. For example, funds raised at the annual Fourth of July Carnival shall be used only for the purposes announced in promotions for the event, such as park improvements and enhancements.

Section 5

All expenditures of Go5.COM/##### funds must be for the benefit of the neighborhood. No part of Go5.COM/##### funds shall inure to the benefit of any individual.

Section 6

The At-Large Steering Committee shall approve expenditures of Go5.COM/##### funds, including reimbursement of expenses related to the performance of Go5.COM/##### business.

Section 7

Checks from Go5.COM/##### must be signed by the Treasurer and an At-Large Steering Committee officer.

Section 8

The Treasurer shall complete the appropriate revenue form(s) each year in keeping with federal laws governing non-profit organizations. An accounting firm may be engaged at the discretion of the At-Large Steering Committee to perform the function of filing and preparing all Internal Revenue Service requirements.

Section 9

If Go5.COM/##### ceases to operate, Go5.COM/#####'s assets, after payment of debts, will be distributed according to the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 10

Distribution of finances

1.       Each Go5.COM/##### local organization shall retain 80% of all moneys they collected.

2.       The total amount of money paid to all Go5.COM parent organizations from local groups shall not exceed 20% of the total amount of money received by the local group. This is an Go5.COM National Organization rule and cannot be changed without an 80% majority vote of all active Go5.COM members.

3.       Any amount of dues to all parent organizations exceeding 30% would constitute a different organization and shall not bear the name of Go5.COM and will not be associated with Go5.COM.

4.       No mandatory fees may be charged by the parent organizations.

5.       The parent organizations may request voluntary contributions for well identified projects.

Section 11

Contributions from individuals shall not exceed $50 per year. This amount may be adjusted with inflation with a starting date of January 1, 2010. Contributions from corporations shall not be permitted until a Board of 12 members rule on the issue and the rules are incorporated into the Bylaws with an approval of at least 66% of voting members. A notification of the issue must be presented to all members 60 days prior to the vote. The approved contribution decision by the Board shall be presented here in these bylaws following this section and will be identified as Section 12.

Section 12

Corporate Contributions

This section pending creation and adoption by a 12 member Officer Committee. This would constitute members of the At-Large Steering Committee and the Directors.

Article XII: Prohibitions

Section 1

Go5.COM/##### is not organized for profit and no profit shall accrue to anyone by virtue of being a member or officer of Go5.COM/#####.

Section 2

Go5.COM/##### will not engage in partisan politics and shall not endorse any candidates for political office nor shall political discussions extend to matters outside the purpose of Go5.COM/#####.

Section 3

Go5.COM/##### will not favor one religious group over another. The publication procedures shall be exactly the same for all Go5.COM/##### religious organizations.  A religious group in an adjacent neighborhood may be listed even if they do not have a meeting location in Go5.COM/#####.

Article XIII: Bylaws Adoption

Adoption Rules

1.       The Go5.COM/##### Bylaws much be adopted by each Go5.COM/##### local organization.

2.       The only change to the Bylaws might be the ##### identification.

3.       Any other changes must be approved by the Go5 parent organization.

4.       The Go5.COM/##### Bylaws become effective once a 12 member group of Officers vote and approve the Bylaws.

5.       Once the Bylaws are accepted by vote, the group becomes an official Go5.COM/##### local group and part of the Go5 association.  

6.       Once a group is recognized by the Parent organization, the group has full right to participate in issues on a national level including the Go5 national communication programs.

Article XIV: Amendments

Section 1

These bylaws may be amended when determined necessary by an 80% majority of at least 12 Officers from the At-Large Steering Committee and the Directors.

The final draft must be approved by 66% of the general membership.

Section 2

Amendment Procedures

1.       The amended bylaws must be open for review and comment by all residents and real property owners. The process requires a period of three Go5.COM/##### meetings, either regular monthly meetings or the annual meeting.

2.       At the first meeting in the sequence, the amendment may be introduced.

3.       Shortly after the first meeting, the amended bylaws must be posted online and made available in paper form at all public libraries in Go5.COM/#####.

4.       Soon after the amended bylaws are available, notice must be sent to all residents via the electronic mailing list and a paper newsletter. The notice should briefly explain the nature of the change, tell how to find the full text of the amended and unlamented bylaws, and give the timeline for discussion and approval of the amendment.

5.       At the second meeting in the sequence, the amendment will be open for discussion. This meeting should include a summary of any discussion that has appeared on the electronic mailing list.

6.       At the third meeting in the sequence, final comments will be heard and a vote will be taken from Go5.COM/##### members in attendance.

7.       Relative matters of amendment may be included in the monthly program for all members of Go5.COM/##### to discuss. The Go5.COM/##### Officers will make this determination.

8.       All amendments shall be subject to approval by the highest parent levels of this organization.

9.       The organization concept of harmonious interactive communications is not subject to amendment.

10.    The organization is never intended to be a platform for individual speeches.

11.   Bylaws amendments and business changes will not be discussed during General Meetings in the form of speeches. Paper ballots describing the Bylaws amendments or business proposals may be delivered at one meeting and collected at the next meeting.

Section 3

Amended bylaws take effect after they are approved following the process described above. If not approved, comments shall be taken into account, a new version prepared, and this process repeated. All amendments are subject to approval by the parent organization.

Article XV: Parent Organizations

1.       National organization and Parental organization bylaws shall be developed as the organization grows and shall not override the principles established in these local membership bylaws.

2.       Any change must be presented as an intelligible vote by all members of Go5.COM.

3.       The final Bylaws shall be presented to all members in that authoritative level of the organization with an 80% majority necessary for ratification. This procedure applies to all levels of the Go5.COM organization.

4.       All Bylaws are then subject to approval by the parent organization.

5.       Once the Bylaws change is determined the change is presented to all members of that branch of Go5 for final approval.

6.       Appeal of any rejection of Bylaws amendments may be made to higher levels of the Go5 organization up to and including the Go5 National Organization.

Article XVI: Notes

1.       Boundary modifications are only allowed for physical convenience of location. This would include major divisions in the community road structure based on railways, waterways and any other issues related to ease of transportation. The status or quality of the neighborhood is not relevant. We will not encourage segregation in any area of civilization.

2.       The name of the Parent Administrative Control is to be determined when more than one zip code is participating.

3.       Many of the higher level Administrative functions shall be patterned after the works of Dr. Richard Spady and Dr. Richard Kirby.  Their book is called Civilization Building.  Dr. Spady has also developed computerized communication programs to tie all groups together. Dr. Spady has worked on and developed methods to coordinate with local government.

Article XVII: History of these Bylaws

Original Version

The original versions of these bylaws were compiled by Jerry Spoor on 05/29/2009.

First Draft

The first draft approved by 6 members occurred on __________________.

The first official version approved by 12 members occurred on __________________.

The At-Large Steering Committee, with the approval of the Officers, may:

1.       Amend on-going roles for At-Large Steering Committee members to meet the evolving needs of the neighborhood.

2.       Go5.COM/##### Committee appointments shall be approved by at least 12 officers. ???