Westlake Hills

This is a short scenic ride that will impress your friends with the beauty of Austin.


Meet on Strattford Drive underneath the Mopac bridge on the south shore of Town Lake.

Strattford Drive is curvy, hilly and beautiful.

  West 1.8 miles to the end of Strattford drive and make a left on Red Bud Trail.

  South 0.5 miles to Westlake Drive and turn right.

    There is a Texaco station on your right.

  Northwest 0.8 miles to Terrace Mountain and turn left.

    This is a left turn but it appears to be straight as you approach it.

  North 1.3 miles on Terrace Mountain to Caravan Circle.

    The road turns to the right soon.

    Drive slow for there are many sharp turns here.

    At 1 mile drive slow so you can glance to the right for good views. Be careful.

    The only option at Caravan Circle is to turn left.

  Southwest 0.2 miles on Caravan Circle and to right on Red Bud Trail.

  West 1.4 mile to Bee Caves Road (RM2244) and turn right

    You will pass under Hwy 360 at 0.4 miles

    1.5 miles to Barton Creek Blvd.

    2.6 miles to River Hills Rd.

We will return via River Hills Rd later in the ride

  West 3.7 miles to Cuernavaca Dr. and turn right

  North 2.0 miles to Meca and turn right.

    Meca is on the street sign. Meca is not on my Austin map. The Austin map shows Medio Calle. The road makes a sharp left turn at 0.4 miles and becomes River Hills Road.

  Go exactly 1.6 miles from your turn on to Meca to The Pier Rd. and make a left turn.

    The Pier will have a small sign there.

  Go 0.4 miles to the Pier.

Take a break at the Pier

  Return 0. 4 miles to River Hills Rd and make a left.

    This is a very tricky and dangerous turn. It is advisable to turn right onto River Hills Rd. and then make a U turn at the divided section of the road.

  South 1.5 miles on River Hills Rd. to Bee Caves Rd and turn left.

  East 1.1 miles to Barton Creek Blvd and turn a right

  South 4.7 miles to Southwest Parkway and turn left.

  East 4.4 miles to Mopac (Hwy 1)

    At 3.8 miles on Southwest parkway there is Silicone Labs where you can stop to say goodbye.

This is the end of the trip.

  At this point you are pointed east and can go north, south, east or west.