Lunch at Sandy Creek Park

Starting point is the north end of the parking lot at Mt. Bonnell.

¨  North 1.5 miles on Mt. Bonell Road and turn left on Hwy 2222.

¨  West 7.0 miles to Hwy 620 and 2222 and Bullick Hollow Dr.

The road is known as Bullick Hollow Dr. to the west and Hwy 2222 to the east.

¨  Park on southwest or northwest quadrant of intersection.

·    7–11 store on northwest quadrant.

·    Bar-B-Q, Everyday and Thunder Cloud Sub on southwest quadrant

Go get yourself a sub sandwich to take to the park. Put it in someone’s saddlebag.

Get a bottled drink at one of the convenience stores.

¨  West 2.9 miles on Bullick Hollow Drive and turn left on RM 2769

¨  South and west 3.7 miles on RM 2769 to right turn in Volente on Lime Creek Road.

¨  North along Lime Creek Road 3.8 miles to Sandy Beach Park.

¨  Turn left into park and make a left at the “T”. Then turn right.

·    The park has some tight turns so be careful.

Find a picnic bench, enjoy the view, have lunch and visit with friends.


On the return trip

From Bullick Hollow Road and RM 2769.

¨  East 2.0 miles and make a right on Oasis Bluff Drive

¨  South .6 miles and make a left at the intersection of Comanche.

¨  East 1.0 miles back to Hwy 620.

¨  Turn right on 620 and go over Mansfield Dam and turn right into the park.

¨  Look around the dam.

¨  Upon exiting the dam, turn left on 620, cross over the dam and make a right to the lower river crossing.

¨  Upon returning from the lower dam crossing make the first possible right on Fritz Hughes Park Dr. and check out Fritz Hughes Park.


Take your favorite route home or check out other areas around lake Travis.