A good way to Dripping Springs

This is a curvy, hilly and safer way to Dripping Springs on the south side of Hwy 290.

Starting point is at the Y in Oak Hill in the Albertson parking lot

This is where Hwy 290 and 71 meet

®  West on 290 for .9 miles and turn left on 1826

®  South for 12.1 miles to ranch road 150 and turn right

    Good place for a break [*1]

®  East 5.2 miles to ranch road 12 and turn right

®  North 1.7 miles to highway 290 at Dripping Springs and turn left

®  West 0.35 miles to Creek Road and turn left

    2.2 miles and Creek Road makes a sharp right and goes over a creek

    Donít go straight on Mount Gainor

    2.6 miles is Holder Lane. A right here would take you to 290.

    4.85 miles is Persley Rd

®  West 6.4 miles to Hwy 165, no sign here and turn right

®  North 0.3 miles to 290 and turn right

®  East 8.2 miles to Hwy 12 in the center of Dripping Springs

At this point you need to determine your path back to Austin.

®  You can go straight east (not very attractive)

®  You can go north towards Hwy 71

®  You can go south to 150 and turn left to return the way you went.

    Go southeast 2.6 miles on Hwy 150 to Darden Hill Rd or Farm Road 162 and turn left. This is a shortcut back to 1826



Another variation from the junction of 1826 and 150.

®  South 0.55 miles on 150 to Elder Hills Rd. (In Driftwood) Turn right.

®  West 4.1 miles to Hwy 12 and turn right.

®  North 4.1 miles to Hwy 150 and turn right. [*2]

®  Southeast 2.6 miles to Darden Hill Rd. or Farm Road 162 and turn left.

®  East 4.2 miles to 1826 and turn left.

    (No street signs at intersection) (sign for Onion Creek Ranch).

®  North 4.2 miles Hwy 45 and turn right.

®  East 4.8 miles to Slaughter Ln.

    (Hwy 45 turns into Mopac at the sharp left curve in the road)

®  North 2.3 miles to William Cannon.

End of trip.


[*2] This is where the upper trip goes north to Dripping Springs. Combine the trips as you please.